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Sand Coils by SidicusMaximus
Sand Coils
Sand twists in complex ways. i is what stirs the air. Made with mandelbulb 3d.  All rights reserved.
A Turn of Phrase by SidicusMaximus
A Turn of Phrase
Its starts as a point, then goes to dust to form a line, which curves into the plane from which grows a surface.
S(wirl) by SidicusMaximus
Found this cool swril shape while working with an older piece  (<da:thumb id="314278391">, and a the threshold option in gimp made a great BW image.  Mandelbulb3d, gimp, me.  All Rights reserved.


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I wasn't. Now I am. I will not be someday. That is ok.
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Thanks and have a great day!…
Ok, if z(s)= 1+1/(2^s)+1/(3^s)+1/(4^s)+1/(5^s)+1/(6^s)+1/(7^s)+1/(8^s)+...

then if s=-1 then z(-1)=1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8... now you may know that this in the end all equals -(1/12) but im not interested in that in this entry.
and if s=-2 then z(-2)=1+4+9+46+25+36+49+64

Now the difference between each of these numbers are as follows: 3,5,7,9,11,13,15...

Notice that the difference between THOSE sets of number is this: 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2....  

Interesting. I wonder what would happen if i did z(-3)=1+8+27+64+125+216+343+512....

and Thus that would mean that the difference between those number is: 7,19,37,61,91,2127,169,217....

I notice that the next differentiation is not "3" apart to my disappointment and is: 12,18,24,30,36,42,48,54....

But wait... If i do it one more time i get: 6,6,6,6,6,6,6....

Well I am not really sure what this means at this point but I know it has to have a meaning right?

What about z(-4)=1+16+81+256+625+1296+2401+4096.....
Diff level one:  15 65 175 369 671 1105 1695 2465
Diff level two:  50 110 194 302 434 590 770 974
diff level three:  60 84 108 132 156 180 204 228
Diff level four:  24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24

! I see a pattern emerging. For every whole negative s of the zeta function the s'th difference will be a constant.

I wonder if the constants have a pattern?:


This does have a recurrence relationship of a(n+1) = (n+2)a(n) when n>1.  

You may ask yourself "so what?" and to that I would say... "idk but its interesting"

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